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    is there any zt210 printer sdk for .Net v4.0


      because the program i developed is running on Windows XP, and XP doesn't support .NET v4.7 which is link-os required.

      please help,thanks in advance.

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          Robin West

          Hi Kinvan,

          No we don't have a .NET sdk for Windows XP.  We do have a Java sdk that is supported.  You don't actually need an sdk to work with Zebra Printers.  They simply make it easier and provide some common and stable functions.  If the printers are networked, you can open a TCP socket to port 9100.  If the printers are USB connected, you can work with the standard PrintDocument class to work with the Zebra drivers.  So there are plenty of options. You can find some sample code here: Zebra Technologies - Results  If you have specific questions, feel free to ask, but please post the communication method.