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    ZT230 UTF-8 Problem with installed Swiss 721 font

    Kostas Petropoulos

      Hello, I am experiencing problems with printing unicode UTF-8 characters in a new ZT230 printer.

      - I have downloaded swiss 721 font to printer.

      - Checked that the font is in E:TT0003M_.TTF

      - Trying to print Greek chars from the Zebra Unicode example with the following:





      ^FO010,470^CI28^AZN,50,40^FD- Swiss 721 Greek: ΆΈΉΊΌΐΑΒΓΔΕΖΗΘΙΚΛΜΝΞΟΠΡΣΤΥΦΧΨΩΪΫ^FS



      fails with no characters printing in Greek (prints only - Swiss 721 Greek:)


      -All examples with UTF-8 encoded ZPL from Zebra site are failing, printing UTF-8 chars as ????

      (in the case of Greek it prints nothing at all)


      Do you have any hints or could you elaborate on what is wrong?