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    EMDK Windows 10

    Jose Carlos

      Hi everyone!

      I'm trying to install EMDK on windows 10. Everything during the installation seems to be fine but when I try to look into my sdk add-ons folder I can not see anything about EMDK there.

      I've been following this link and I don't see Windows listed there.

      ¿What can I do in order to make this work on Windows 10?

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi Jose,


          Although Windows 10 is not officially supported, EMDK for Android development WILL work on the platform as I've been using it there myself for a while now.


          When you install the .exe file (EMDK for Android Support & Downloads | Zebra ) be sure to enter the root location of your SDK (in my case C:\Users\darry\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk and the location of Android Studio.  Perhaps the installer is picking up the wrong SDK folder during installation but you should be able to adjust this manually.

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              Jose Carlos

              Thanks for your kind answer.

              I'm installing the 6.6 version (the newest that should be useful for my tc55) and during the installation process it does not let me pick where the SDK is. It automatically says it will be installed for Android Studio and it does. I say it does because then, on android Studio I can see an EMDK Menu between "Run" and "Tools" options. However, it does not place the addon-symbol-emdk... in the C:\Users\myUser\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\add-ons folder. I just see addon-google_apis there.


              Edit: I have seen those folders in C:\Program Files (x86)\Symbol EMDK for Android\v6.6\Integrator\add-ons. May be I should copy them into the right folder?

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              david germain

              Inside the Android dev studio SDK manager, at the top of the page is the path to the SDK. i cut and paste this into the installer, and seem to work.