Run any html in Pocket Browser on MK500

Hello everyone,

I am new into Zebra MK500 development and Windows CE and still I am learning how things work, I need to implement an easy app that scans a barcode and then do certain actions at a web backend into another server, which I accomplished so far successfully, by modifying the spb21.htm file that runs on Pocket Browser once you open, I modified manually that file to suit my needs. What I haven't found so far is run to able to run any other htm file but spb21.htm on my zebra, because the changes I do on this file are gone once my zebra is disconnected from the power supply.

I appreciate if anyone know if that's possible by using pocket browser or if anyone has a better suggestion for implementing this.

I was not able to use the barcode scanner from IE also, that was my other option.


Alonso Blanco
If anyone faces this

If anyone faces this situation, I was able to solve it using a bat script using the /S: parameter, just like:

"\program files\spb2_ce.exe" /S:http://yoursite

To persist this bat file to be run on the startup, I added it into the Application / StartUp folder.

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