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I tried to work with an Android phone using Android 7.0 version and the printer iMZ320 by using the Bluetooth outside.

The printer was working perfectly during 2 hours and after that it start to make some Bluetooth disconnection, battery of printer was full and phone as well.

Some printers disconnected from Bluetooth only after 10mn.

After rebooting the application that I use to work to print some lables, the Bluetooth connection works again.

I don't know exactly what's make the printer disconnect from Bluetooth, we are using more than 1000 thousand printers mainly outside and I'm wondering if sometime in specific places, something like a "big wifi noise" make troubles on Bluetooth.

Someone from Zebra support sent me a list of commands to disable the wifi and to enable the afh mode but not sure that iMZ320 is supported by afh mode.

I precise that the wifi of the phone which send the print request to the printer was disabled.

What makes troubles on Bluetooth connection outside?

Many thanks for your reply.

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Farid, Bluetooth can have

Hi Farid,

Bluetooth can have several difficulties. 

  1. Distance between devices
  2. Heavy Bluetooth traffic (classic and le) can cause interference
  3. It is more effected by static and electrical interference than Wi-Fi

A few other things to keep in mind:

  1. We recommend closing the connection in your app after printing if you aren't printing continuously.
  2. Make sure the printer isn't going to sleep unless appropriate.
  3. Check the connection timeout is set properly.

Hope this points you in a good direction,


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F Sissaoui
Hi Robin,Thanks a lot for

Hi Robin,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Our developper is testing the Zebra SDK connection bluetooth.

Before that, ZEBRA support team sent me the following commands to make the Bluetooth working better:

! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"

! U1 getvar "device.languages"


! U1 setvar "bluetooth.enable_reconnect" "off"

! U1 getvar "bluetooth.enable_reconnect"

! U1 setvar "wlan.enable" "off"

! U1 getvar "wlan.enable"

! U1 setvar "power.inactivity_timeout" "0"

! U1 getvar "power.inactivity_timeout"

! U1 setvar "power.low_battery_timeout" "0"

! U1 getvar "power.low_battery_timeout"

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Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Farid, Can you explain

Hi Farid, Can you explain more of the customer use case?  Are they delivery drivers, Airport, rental car, events?  It might help narrow down what could be causing the disconnects.  Otherwise you may want to ask them to talk to their Zebra account manager if they have one, in order to get more specific support.

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