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Is there anyway that i can read the TID from an RFID label and retrieve the data to the host, after that i want to print on that exact same label and encode. Please let me know if this is possible.

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Bob Wiscott
There are a few reasons I

There are a few reasons I normally see this question asked.

1) You want to read the TID, send to the host and then manipulate that data on the PC (process through an algorithm, add data, etc) and print that modified TID to the label.

2) You want a record of TIDs printed.

#2 is easy, you just report to host and record the data in some method of storage.

#1 is not possible. I've had a lot of people looking for this functionality and it just doesn't exist. The only thing I'm aware of is Self Serialization or Tag Serialization.

I have worked around this by using an external reader mounted in the printer but you have to manage a queue of labels depending on where you are able to mount your reader.

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