Read rfid tag ZT410


I have a problem with printer ZT410.

I can read the rfid tag in the printer display.

If I use this zpl command fount in the manual, the printer prints "void":



^RFR,H,0,8,2^FN1^FS^HV1,,8-byte Tag ID Data:^FS


I tried to use also the command ^RT and ^RI but I didn't receive anything.

Could someone help me to understand what is wrong?

Thank you


Anonymous (not verified)
The "void" means the RFID

The "void" means the RFID inlay was not detected by the RFID reader on the printer. Here is why.

When reading RFID tag from ZT410 panel, it's an immediate read. When reading RFID tag from ZPL, the reading becomes a part of the ZPL that defines a label. This means that the printer needs to know where the RFID inlay is placed on the label, so that it can correctly activate the reader when the RFID inlay is fed to the RFID reader on the printer. In order for the printer to know the inlay position on the label correctly, it is required to do a RFID calibration following the label calibration on the printer. After the calibrations are done, the above ZPL should return the correct tag ID data from the reader.

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