Cut after document not each label

I'm using a custom Java application to print a PDF to a networked ZT610. I'm using the windows driver and I want to execute the cutter after the last page in the PDF document and not cut between each and every label.

I've tried to add the string "$(^XB}$" into the PDF at the end of each page and enable pass-through in the driver to inhibit the cutting function however that string seems not to make it down to a driver level when printing through the java print API. I have even attempted to print to file to ensure the command is making it to the printer, however it is not.

I am aware of the custom commands functionality of the driver, I would like to know if it is possible to add commands based on logic or add them to all but the last page. Is this possible in a custom built driver as that may be a viable solution.

I have also attempted to use the delayed cut option but for some reason the ~JK command must be sent separately and not at the end of the document which is not useful at all.