Printing czech character from SAP

Hey everybody,

I'm trying to print a ZPL coded label from SAP to our "new" Zebra ZT410.
We are using device type LB_ZEB and E:TT0003M_.FNT in the code.

I know .FNT is not supported anymore but Zebra says it switches to .ttf automatically.
Even changing to .ttf doesn't change anything.

Our old ZM400 is working with a E:ARIALBD.FNT in the code. But we don't know who installed this font in the past.
It's also printing with LB_ZEB device type and it looks good.

So this must have something to do with the installed Fonts.
Can you tell me which font I can install for ZT410 with TTF which should work then?

Our connection is via network where a printserver is between.

See attachments for visual details and ZPL Code

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Andre,I believe you will

Hi Andre,

I believe you will need to upload the E:TT0003M.TTF or ARIALBD.FNT file actually to the printer.  This is not a built in font so the printer doesn't know how to properly render it.  If you have a licensed copy of either of these fonts you can use Setup Utlities or ZebraNet Bridge to upload the file to the printer properly.  If not, you will have to license a copy from a font website or from Zebra. 

To verify the file is not already present, you can send the command string ^XA^WDE:*.TTF^XZ^XA^WDE:*.FNT^XZ

It will print two labels showing what extra fonts have been loaded on the printer. You can send this with your driver in the "Printing Preferences" as the image shows.

You can see resident fonts by sending ^XA^DEZ:*.FNT^XZ

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Andre Duczek
Hi Mr. West,we already got it

Hi Mr. West,

we already got it yesterday.

Our issue was a not supporting codepage from the standard SAP ZEBRA LB_ZEB

device type.

I configured a new one with UTF8 and added CI28 to the strings in the form.

That's it.

Thanks for support!



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