EMDK for multiple RFID readers??


Is there a way to connect the host to multiple ip/rifd readers at the same time?

We've customized several applications using EMDK for .NET using VB_RFID3_Host_Sample 1 and 2 to connect the host to a FX7500 reader or a FX9500 reader, but now we need to develop an app to connect to multiple rfid readers at the same time. We could run 2-3 apps on a pc/server at the same time to connect 2-3 readers, but we can't install 5-6 similar applications on our client's server to connect to 5-6 different readers.

Thanks in advance.

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Guillermo De la Cruz
Anyone? I haven`t found

Anyone? I haven`t found anything yet, except using a third-party software or middleware.

Please help.

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