~HQES Browser Print Network Printer


I am using Browser Print on Windows to an iMZ320 printer.   When the printer is connected via USB the whole flow of the application works fine, the ~HQES request for printer status returns information and I can send commands and items to print successfully.

When I change the printer to be connected to on the network I can print fine using Browser Print but the ~HQES response is empty.   I can take the command to print and send it via Postman and it works fine.  When I send the ~HQES command in Postman I get an empty response, so it's not that it's the Browser Print code masking the response in some way.  When I use the Zebra Setup Utilities to send the ~HQES command I get the response :


  PRINTER STATUS                           

   ERRORS:         0 00000000 00000000     

   WARNINGS:       0 00000000 00000000     


Please could you let me know how I can get hold of the printer status information for the networked printer?