TC20 - "High" scanning rate will make the unit crashes


We have developed an application on the TC20. The "main" goal is to allow fast rate scanning (for a large number of data) through out the day.

We have enabled only the QR and 1D barcodes. We're using Xamarin Portable Class library project. UI is based on Xamarin form and all the initialization is done in the Android project.

In the OnCreate(), we are initializing scanner.  It stays active at all times. Our implementation is based on . The data  is saved in a SQL lite database.  Finally, we use MessagingCenter as a mean for sending messages(ex. MessagingCenter.Send<string>(values, "Barcode");)

Everything works great, however we are experiencing issues once we start to get 200 or 300 scans and then we have to reboot.

BTW, whenever we use the Visual Studio 2017 debugger, the debugger will immediately exists.

We're attaching backtraces.

Any idea what could be the root cause.