2.10 External Hosted StageNow Setup

In the latest Zebra StageNow 2.10 setup guide it states. "External Staging Server Support  Users can host the staging/deployment content outside the StageNow workstation on external server and Stage the devices  User should configure the external staging server with deployment content and can set to FTP, FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS modes"

There is not much guidance/documentation on how to get this setup properly on the 2.10 update. I'm hoping this will allow us to have a central Stage Now Server that we can have multiple Admins manage deploy StageNow configurations to devices. Does anyone have an Idea on how to get this setup properly?

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The documentation for File

The documentation for File Manager at File Manager - Zebra Technologies TechDocs  has examples of the URL format for FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS at the bottom of the page. To use FTP to an external server the URL format is as follows:


You will need to manually deploy the files to the appropriate location on the remote server and this feature requires Mx 7.x which effectively means that it is for Nougat devices onwards.

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