FX7500 : send tag data to web service

Hi Guys,

I am writing a web application which will receive Tag Data from multiple FX7500 fixed readers (installed at different physical locations) and will display latest tag location on a web portal.

I know I can put a controller on local network for each location and write an application which can read data from reader and then post it to web service. However it seems long windy to me and also involves more hardware installation / maintenance.

I roughly know that other way can be to write an APP for the reader using reader SDK (C or Java based) but unfortunately don't have much time and expertise to write that quickly.

Is there any other way possible to achieve my task e.g. does reader has any builtin ability to send data to a defined URL / Web Service? or is there any third party applications available which can be just installed into the reader and can send tag data/events to web service?