Sending ~HS command to ZT410 printer when print head calibrates (after head lowered) HS string now has <etx><cr><lf> at begin...

Sending  ~hs command to zt410 printer.  String reply works until print head is raised and then back down it re-calibrates then

<etx><cr><lf> shows up at the start of the string.  Won't correct unless rebooted.  Have you seen this before?

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Matt, This does seem odd. 

Hi Matt,

This does seem odd.  The <etx><cr><lf> is what is supposed to come at the end of the response.  Are you getting the rest of the response data as well or is this the only data you receive?

~HS Command

Anyway, I'm going to recommend to start with updating the printer firmware just in case. If that doesn't fix things, then please contact Tech Support.

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