TC51 - use TIMED_HOLD aim type with SOFT_ONCE trigger type


I’m creating an application that uses the TC51 and the RFD8500. The application needs to scan a barcode using the TC51 imager. The barcode scanning needs to be initiated with a trigger pull on the RFD8500. Another requirement is for the application to allow the user to aim the scanner before the barcode is decoded so that the user scans the correct barcode (there are multiple barcodes close to each other).

The way I’m approaching this is by setting the scanner TriggerType to TriggerType.SOFT_ONCE. This allows me to handle the trigger events from the RFD8500 and programmatically initiate the barcode read. However, it seems that AimType.TIMED_HOLD does not work with TriggerType.SOFT_ONCE (there is no delay before the barcode is decoded). If I set the TriggerType to HARD the TIMED_HOLD works but the barcode scan needs to be initiated using the buttons on the side of the TC51.

Is there a way to use TIMED_HOLD with SOFT_ONCE trigger type? Or is there another way to approach this?