Printing order in Series 7

Our team is developing an application for the Zebra Series 7, connected via USB and using C#.Net with the ZMotif SDK and the driver package vdz7cg-03-02-00, in which a contactless card needs to be encoded and printed with a serial number.

Normally, as we did on the Series 3, the encoding would be performed first and then the printing, but seems like this is not possible on the Series 7, you need to first print and then encode, which creates some issues.

Is there a way to reverse the process, so the encoding goes first and then the printing?



Stephen Troup
When encoding first set the

When encoding first set the card source location to the feeder and the destination to the Hold, then excecute the SmartCardDataOnly command to move a card from the hopper to the encoding position. After encoding has finished and it's been released the printer will leave the card in hold position.

Now set the source to Internal and destination to the Eject to allow the printing to occur.

There is a bug, not sure if it is in the 7 but it's definitely in the 9, that prevents printing from occurring when there are no cards in the hopper when the source is the internal position.

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