GK420t is automatically flipping Width,Height and paper format to landscape on Printer Logic Print Server .

This is scenario here .

We have installed GK420t printer in our print logic server ( Print Server) to print the label via network . In the printer driver we have motioned that these are our preferred settings for width, height  and paper format like the below screen shot.

Also have enabled always use driver settings.

But when I select the above driver from our custom application it always  flips the values in width and height and paper format ( Please see the below screen shot )

We don't know why Zebra driver is doing this way in Print Logic Server . Is there any settings or configuration issue is missing ?

Our question here is like .

1) Why printer driver is not picking the "Always use driver settings " when we have that setting are enabled .

Its been more than 2 months since we have been working on this issues so far no positive outcome .Please let us know how we can fix this issue in our environment.