ZT230 Firmware Version

I'm having trouble with a ZPL command on a ZT230. One parameter of the command says it is only available for Firmware versions V60.14x, V50.14.x and later. The firmware version on this printer is "ZSP-003757A" which looks more like a serial number than a firmware version. And if you go to the ZT230 page the current firmware is V72.20.10Z.

I can't make any sense of this. Does anyone know how to find the real firmware version of this printer? If "ZSP-003757A" is the real firmware version why does the numbering differ so much from the version numbers listed in the ZPL manual??

I would just upload the latest firmware and be done with it but the downloader fails every time. I have a feeling there's something going on here that I'm not aware of. We got this printer through UPS btw.