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    ZT230 Firmware Version

    Michael Groh

      I'm having trouble with a ZPL command on a ZT230. One parameter of the command says it is only available for Firmware versions V60.14x, V50.14.x and later. The firmware version on this printer is "ZSP-003757A" which looks more like a serial number than a firmware version. And if you go to the ZT230 page the current firmware is V72.20.10Z.


      I can't make any sense of this. Does anyone know how to find the real firmware version of this printer? If "ZSP-003757A" is the real firmware version why does the numbering differ so much from the version numbers listed in the ZPL manual??


      I would just upload the latest firmware and be done with it but the downloader fails every time. I have a feeling there's something going on here that I'm not aware of. We got this printer through UPS btw.

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          Robin West

          Hi Michael,

          The printer has a customized version of firmware running on it.  That's why it shows the strange version number.  Often the large customers like UPS will pay our Professional Services to modify firmware.  The firmware is likely based on V72.20.10Z originally. It could have been modified to do a lot of different things, or it could be almost identical to standard. It is locked to the UPS custom version though.  There is no way to update it to a standard version of firmware.