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    .NET EMDK 2.9/WM5/MC9200/VS2008 - Won't cleanly exit program when debugging

    Jonathan Rosen

      When using Symbol.dll and Symbol.Barcode2.DesignC35, and debugging with Visual Studio 2008  (VS2008) on Windows 10 with a MC9200, the app will hang when you stop debugging. If you comment out features that use the Symbol.dll and Sumbol.Barcode.Design C35 dll, then the app will exit cleanly. Clearly there is something about the Symbol dll's that are causing VS2008 to hang when you stop debugging. This is very annoying, because it requires a restart of VS2008 to unhang the RPC server. It also requires a restart of the MC9200 device. This increases development time dramatically.


      This happens with the Symbol example projects that come with the EMDK (i.e. CS_Barcode2ConstrolSample1), so it's not specific to our code...