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    MC33 No Custom Apps in Admin mode EHS

    Donald Wennick

      I'm trying to get EHS ready for our deployment and all is fine with settings restrictions  and built-in apps, but my company's custom apps are not offered for user mode enabling in the admin login screen.


      They were installed and executed once, then the unit was rebooted. Installed  EHS and rebooted. You can see the apps in the standard drawer (Accessory.. and Putaway in the screens below):



      The EHS admin screen doesn't list them at all:



      I'm still somewhat new to Android development and probably missed some resource or signing requirement, but can't find any such information in the EHS documentation, does anybody have an idea what would cause this?

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          Darryn Campbell



          I'm not sure why the applications are not showing in admin mode but I suggest you just modify the configuration file directly, as explained in the EHS settings documentation.

          1. Pull the current file from the device via adb pull
          2. Add your applications to the <applications> tag in the config XML file
          3. Push the modified file back to the device, overwriting the existing configuration via adb push

          You should not need any special resources or signing requirements unless you are running in secure mode, which is off by default.

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              Donald Wennick

              As it turns out, the problem with visibility was that I had used an XML vector drawable for the launcher icon in in those apps. Once I generated all the DPIs of a .png format icon from that vector image, and changed the Manifest (I used a new name for the bitmaps as I wanted to be sure it didn't reference the vector version at all, but this may not have been needed), then they showed up.