Trying to print a png to ZQ520 from Cordova powered JavaScript file

Hi guys, I am relatively new to mobile printing in general, so I would appreciate any help or advice.

If my title seems confusing, thats cause it is. Basically I am trying to develop a Bluetooth printing function to print a few images and some basic text but the catch is, I have no interface just a single Javascript file. The reason being, I am developing this feature in a third party app that allows me to create custom JS features. It is powered by Cordova and will run on Android.

So far I have been able to (relatively easily) print the basic text using the code below:

var addressLn1 = 'Company Name';

var addressLn2 = 'Street 1';

var addressLn3 = 'Street 2';

var addressLn4 = 'City';

var addressLn5 = 'County';

var addressLn6 = 'ZipCode';

var tel = 'Tel: 99999999'

var fax = 'Fax: 99999999'

var vat = 'VAT Reg No: xxxxxxxxxxxx'

var printCommand = "! 0 200 200 500 1" +

' |TEXT 5 3 350 40 INVOICE'+

' |TEXT 5 0 30 150 '+addressLn1+

' |TEXT 5 0 30 175 '+addressLn2+

' |TEXT 5 0 30 195 '+addressLn3+

' |TEXT 5 0 30 215 '+addressLn4+

' |TEXT 5 0 30 235 '+addressLn5+

' |TEXT 5 0 30 255 '+addressLn6+

' |TEXT 5 0 400 215 '+tel+

' |TEXT 5 0 400 235 '+fax+

' |TEXT 5 0 400 255 '+vat+

' |FORM ' +

'|PRINT ' + '|';

var stringtoPrint = GeopalPrint.getPrintString(printCommand); //converts the string to hex

GeopalPrint.printHex(stringtoPrint); //calls the printer and passes the bufferArray of hex

This prints nicely as expected, Invoice as a title then the address and contact details laid out underneath.

The problem I am having is I cannot seem to find a way to pass an image to the printer using CPCL, i have an image stored on the device (inside the third-party app) and i have said images file-path. The image is of format .png.

Does anyone have any experience in a similar scenario as me? I have trolled the internet and can only find examples of web or Android development.

**I do have a little leeway in the JS in that I can add a HTML page and install AngularJs if that will open any doors for me?

Any Help or advice would be very much appreciated!