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    MC92n0-g reload OS

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      I have an MC9290-g that I want to reload the OS on. I have downloaded the files as per the instructions. My problem is when I copy the unzipped files to the Temp folder on the device, all the shortcuts fail to copy. Other files do copy.  How do I copy the shortcuts over? Or is there a different way to launch the install?


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          More info...  Device is Windows CE 7.00.2864 OEM 06.57.22, cradled via usb to a Win10 PC, using 92N0c70BenUC665723.zip for my upgrade source. Is it possible they are hidden? I tried to copy the .zip file to the temp folder with the hope of unzipping it on the device. It took a couple minutes to copy but it doesn't show either. thx

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            Herbert De Jong

            This is an 'bug'  or maybe an security enhancement from Microsoft Windows 10 side, which prevents to copy .LNK files using  WMDC.


            You are correct by unzipping all the content of zip file to Temp folder, with maintaining folder structure.

            However you have to manually rename LNK to TXT and then synch these over to the device temp folder.

            that is the workaround when using  Win10 PC and temp folder.


            the other option is to copy all the content to an SDcard  on PC  ( then .LNK files are copied OK )  and mount SDcard in MC92

            then navigate to Sdcard and  start the  SDcard LNK.