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We are trying to read the EPC from the label using .net Code and then do some validation in that EPC and have to print the same EPC back into the same label (label size is 97X37mm).

So the issue here is , when we read the label using command ( in ZT410 printer it reads the label on antenna , but when print the EPC it prints it on the next label (which is in front of the label being read).

Is there any option we able to read the EPC , then validate it and when print it should print to the same label being read?

Printer details attached.

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Hi - Unfortunately the

Hi - Unfortunately the printers will only allow the sequence where you validate the EPC after printing and encoding it.

Sequence:  Command Received -> Read tag -> Encode Tag (including EPC) -> Print Tag (including EPC) -> return tag data for validation

You will want to look into the RFID commands for your printer RFID Encoding Guide to find out the best method to encode the EPC on the same tag.

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