Launch Zebra PrintConnect from Chrome in Android

Hi everyone...

I'm testing, without success, to call print directly from a web page to a Zebra QLn printer and I found a great solution, if it will works, launchin' the PrintConnect app in an Android mobile device by using #intent in the web page and Chrome as browser.

I used all the possibilities with some HTML code like this:

<a href="intent://PrinterService/#Intent;scheme=PrintConnect;package=com.zebra.printconnect;S.TEMPLATE_FILE_NAME=HelloWorld.zpl;end">TEST</a>

but every time I tried, clickin' on TEST, Android opened Google Store with PrintConnect app (OPEN and UNINSTALL buttons) and not opened, as I need, directly the app PrintConnect and print the HelloWorld.zpl file.

Can someone help me to solve this problem? I saw there are many other app for Zebra printing, and if someone has a solutions using other app, there's no problem, I'll change it.

Thanks a lot.