Barcode scanner: Output NULLs in USB - HID Keyboard mode

Hello, I have a DS9208 barcode scanner.

When using the "USB - HID Keyboard" mode the scan output I get does NOT contain NULL characters (\x00)

For example, I get the following output in hex codes "41 41 41 42 42 42" (AAABBB)

Whereas in "USB - SNAPI" mode the output is "41 41 41 00 00 42 42 42 00 00" (AAA  BBB  ) which is exactly what I need.

The problem is that I need to use the HID mode!

I can understand the keyboard emulator does NOT emulate NULLs by default.

But is there a way to create an ADF rule using the 123Scan2 tool that would convert NULLs to -let's say- spaces? (\x20)