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    How to integrate Bluetooth Scanner into Xamarin App on Non-Zebra Device

    Uwe Reisewitz


      I've installed the Zebra Scanner Control App on a Nexus 9 Tablet (Android 7.1, API 25) and was able to connect to a DS3678 scanner.

      Now I would like to be able to scan from my Xamarin (Forms) App. EMDK for Xamarin does not work because it expects some infrastructure that is not present on Non-Zebra devices.

      I've create a Xamarin Android Bindings Libray (Xamarin) in VS2017 around the "barcode_scanner_library_v2.2.4.0.aar" and was able to compile and build it successfully.

      If I try to instantiate the central Class SDKHandler I get an exception "ClassNotFound".


      I'm stuck here. Is there anybody that tried something similar and succeeded? Are there any working samples available?


      Thanks in advance for any help


      Best regards