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    Get tag phase on FX9500 reader

    Axel Pionchon

      Is it possible to get the phase of a tag with FX9500 reader?


      I work with Zebra EMDK for java, and when I use TagData[].getPhase() method, the result is always "0".

      Is "0" the equivalent of "null", and the phase reading isn't support by FX9500?

      Or is it a configuration problem in my code?


      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards.

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          Axel Pionchon



          I've got new informations.

          I've found the TAG_FIELD class with the PHASE_INFO parameter.

          This parameter is disabled by default on my reader, but even if I do enable it, the getPhase() result is always "0".

          It was the same for the CHANNEL_INDEX parameter, but now that I've enabled it, I've got a true result (1, 2, 3, 4).

          So does it mean that I can't read phase on FX9500?


          Thank you all,