How to remap enter key to tab key on TC75x device

Hello Zebra Guru's. We are trying to remap enter key to tab key on the scanners and the code doesn't seem to work. Here is the summary of the issue:

Datawedge setup:
Suffix Enter after the scanned barcode.

A couple of the applications that we use require constant scanning of the products. The standard scanning in SAP usually takes anywhere between 1-3 seconds in the MC9190 and MC9200 guns as the screens get re-loaded everytime the scan is processed within SAP. In order to reduce the scan times and prevent the screens from being reloaded everytime there is a scan, we have re-mapped the enter key to tab event on the receiving and physical inventory scan screen. This results in the "ONBLUR" (lose focus of the input field) event within the HTML page. Within the onblur event, we have called a service to process the scan which greatly improves the scan time. We were able to reduce the scan times to under 200 milliseconds by using this approach. The remapping of the keys was done using the following HTML statement.

<META HTTP-Equiv="KeyCapture" Content="KeyValue:0x0D; Remap:0x09">

This process works great on the MC9190 and MC9200 scanners. However with TC75x and TC70 scanners we noticed that remapping is done using the
KeyCapture APIs provided for Enterprise Browser. We have been successful in using the Notification API's to trigger success and error beeps on the TC
guns, however the KeyCapture Remap APIs don't seem to be working. We have tried both of these statements to remap the tab key to the enter key as per the documentation mentioned in the below link:

KeyCapture - Zebra Technologies TechDocs


Online Documentation for Zebra Technologies developer tools and utiltiescomp including EMDK for Android, EMDK for Xamarin, StageNow, Enterprise Browser.

  1. EB.KeyCapture.remapKey('0x0D', '0x09');
            EB.KeyCapture.remapKey(13, 9);

    It seems like the above code is not working as the enter event gets triggered even though we are trying to map it to Tab key.

    Please note that when we change the datawedge setting to add tab suffix only (no enter key). these 2 applications work fine, however other
    applications require users to hit the enter button everytime they scan something, hence that setting does not work.

Appreciate if any Zebra guru could help us in this regard!