SNMP Traps for Alerts


Hey, hopefully I am explaining this properly, sorry if I'm not.  We are trying to setup SNMP traps for different alerts on the 2 Zebra ZTC 110Xi4 printers we have.  I am able to get them working so that our SolarWinds setup can trap them and send e-mails with a specific message for each alert.  The issue is we are only really able to test and figure out the ID for the pause/unpause since it's something we can trigger manually.  The results from the trap come back as snmpTrapOID:= ESI-MIB:psOutput.7.0.19 ( for the pause and snmpTrapOID:= ESI-MIB:psOutput.7.0.20 ( for unpause.  Was wondering if anyone knew of any master list that would give me all those ID codes and what alert they are associated with that are available via the IP alerts page.  For example; the print head needs replacement, supply to hot,  RFID error, and so on.  I've been trying to use the ZebraNet setup that we downloaded from the site, but the e-mail alerts don't work properly and support so far hasn't figure out what is going on with it.  If anyone has any ideas or if they can point me in the right direction it would much appreciated.  Thanks.