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My goal is to create a .NET Framework tool that can manage several GK420t printers on the same network to be able to change and read settings individually. The general flow of the tool would be to connect to a printer via IP, read the darkness and speed setting of the printer, create a prompt asking whether the darkness or speed should be changed and allow the changes if needed. As of right now I have found ways to send ZPL commands to the printer from my tool but have not found any ways to read settings off of the printer. I thought it might be easier to use an existing API instead of trying to only use ZPL commands and that is when I found Link-OS but I'm not sure if it is compatible with my printer. I installed the SDK through Nuget in Visual Studio and I was able to send commands to the printer but when it comes to reading information from the printer through a network connection, nothing happens. Ultimately my question is, am I going about this the correct way, and how would someone recommend setting up a custom tool like this without using the Zebra Setup Utility?


Cody Saunders
For anyone in the future with

For anyone in the future with this issue,

I found out how to read individual settings from the printer. Printers that do not have Link OS built in may be able to use SGD (Set-Get-Do) commands. The Zebra Link Os API has code examples on how to use SGD. Available in the Zebra.SDK.Printer namespace the class SGD has member functions available for setting, getting, and doing. For example a line of code to get the darkness printer setting will be

string printTone = SGD.GET("print.tone", printerConnection);

This can be used with various other settings outlined within this manual under the SGD Printer Commands section.

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