Zebra Bluetooth Unpairing

I'm starting on integrating bluetooth printing into our Android app and I'm looking forward and seeing a potential issue with unpairing.  We are currently using TC70 & TC70Xs to connect to ZQ520 printers.  Using the linkos library an the emdk it seems fairly straight forward to search for unpaired devices and connect to them.  The issue that I see, because we have multiple devices, is what happens when a different device wants to use an already paired printer to print?  I can see issues where the device that originally paired with it is not readily available to open bluetooth settings and unpair, is there a way to unpair the printer from the printer so it can be paired to a new device?

I'm also aware of the insecure connection that allows you to print without pairing, but for simplicity in our app I'd prefer to have the printer paired once, and then not have to select the printer each time the user wants to print something.