label printing mix up

Hi everyone,

We face an issue where by our Zebra printer (ZT230) print label from other order. Let me walk through the scenario.

Order A pack into 5 parcels which require 5 labels.

Printer ZZZ print total 5 labels. But one (out of 5 labels), is for order B.

We checked the payload details on label request for both orders. Order A label request point to printer ZZZ. Whilst, Order B label request point to printer XXX. Both different printers. Why this happen? Anyone has experience this before?

Printer ZZZ and XXX is ZT230 model type.


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This sounds really weird. How

This sounds really weird. How often does this happen? Are the printers connected through USB or networking? If the printer ZZZ is supposed to print 5 labels for the order A, where is the 5th label of the order A? Does mixed label happen on the printer XXX too?

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