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    Zebra card printer and black panel extraction type setting with Java SDK

    Jakub Krolikowski



      I'm not satisfy with the quality of black text and black barcode card print with my Zebra ZXP7. It's a bit blurry.

      I found out with ZXP Toolbox that setting "black panel extraction type" to "Print YMC compsite and K black" and checking "Apply black extraction on" to "Black text" and "Black graphics" change a lot and and the quality is much better.

      But I don't know how to set this values with Java SDK. Can I make it with ZebraCardPrinter.setJobSettings?


      If not, is there a way to program default, permanent settings for "black panel extraction type" at ZXP 7 printer?

      I found out even if it's set correctly in "printing preferences" dialog (Windows control panel), somehow these settings doesn't apply when I'm printing with Java SDK.


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          Stephen Troup

          I use the .net version of the linkos library but the theory should still apply.


          I use three graphics buffers, one for CMY for printing colour  another for printing black and a final one for for the overlay, This way I can force all black print to be on a black ribbon but black in jpg's or images will always be made of the cmy.


          print(int copies, java.util.List<GraphicsInfo> graphicsData)


          So the java.util.List<GraphicsInfo> would contain three items, one for the colour print, one for black print and the third for the overlay.


          You can also split the black image data from an image that has both black and colour using the ExtractBlackImageData to split into two.