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    Latest Simulscan Version

    Tomas Hruska

      Hi everyone,


      I would like to ask what is the latest Simulscan version. I have been looking everywhere but can not find any official information about what is the the latest version. I would like to have latest version on our Zebra scanner before testing. We currenthy have version 2.6


      Thank You in Advance

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          Lindsay Fahmi

          Hi Tomas


          The SimulScan Engine is part of our Device Image, the latest released version of the SimulScan Engine is 2.0.3 ( available on TC70x/TC75x, TC51/TC56, & MC33). Note, that the latest engine available on any of our supported devices may requires a LifeGuard Patch or Image update. To see which engines is available for your product and if it requires an update from the original released Image, please visit the device matrix on our

          Supported Devices page -


          Please let me know if you have any other questions or are looking for more information!

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              Tomas Hruska

              Hi Lindsay,


              Thank You for the information and the link. The reason why I asked is because we have Zebra T8000 running on Lolipop 02.10.02 (T8KN0LXXVRGEF21002), with no further security/lifeguard updates (I am unable to patch for whatever reason as after the update during the installation the system rollbacks). But anyway according to the Supported devices page the Lolipop version of Android for the Zebra T8000 should have the Simulscan Engine 2.0.3 (if I understand this correctly?) but I see on my device the SimulScanEngine:   The security updates should not be relevant to the Simulscan engine version?


              Thank You again for Your support.