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    John (Matt) Dermody

      I've noticed that the newest Nougat build for the WT6000 has added support for OEMConfig, which is exciting news.



      But then I realized that the WT6000 only has AOSP versions of Android and my understanding was that OEMConfig was a management feature specific to GMS devices enrolled into an EMM like SOTI as an Android Enterprise device. Am I missing something here? Can you enroll AOSP device as a Managed Device with Device Owner or can you only use Device Administrator? What happens on Android Q and beyond when Device Admin becomes increasingly deprecated, will there even be AOSP device options any more?

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          Azzam Affan

          Hi John,


          Thank you for your questions. 


          OEMConfig is not specific to only GMS devices.  It will be available on AOSP devices as well. You can manage AOSP devices as a Device Owner or Device Administrator.  You will need to ensure first that the EMM supports AOSP devices on the specific OS version.


          Device Owner is supported on AOSP and have the Device Policy Manager APIs available to take advantage of OEMConfig.  However, Google Play services APIs are not available on AOSP devices.


          AOSP devices can be managed today as a Device Owner and eventually Device Administrator will go away after Q.  Again the Google Play services APIs will not be available.


          I hope this answers you and if you need further clarification or answers please do not hesitate to reach out to me.








          OEMConfig is not specific to only GMS devices.  It will be available on AOSP devices as well.

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              John (Matt) Dermody

              It does for the most part, although I'm unfamiliar with Enrolling into an EMM as Device Owner with Android Enterprise without leveraging the Google Setup/Welcome wizard in some shape or form. I'm familiar with the QR and NFC based enrollment as well as the hashtag or MGPA enrollment at the account prompt, but I didn't think there were any other ways to leverage DO than through the setup wizard on a GMS device. That is welcome news that it will also be an option for AOSP, I just am not as familiar with how DO enrollment will look on those devices.