FX9600 GPIO - Configuration to enable buzzer when reading tags

I have read the documentation in relation to the fx9600 reader and the GPIO pin setup and I am still unable to figure out how to configure the reader to enable the 'buzzer/beep' once a tag has been read by the reader. I have placed the + wire from the buzzer into port 1 (+24vDC) and the - wire of the buzzer into port 3 (GP O/P #1). I then log onto the reader web interface (admin console) and navigate to > GPIO configuration. GPO1 is by default red (Indicates GPIO LOW) and once I then change the setting to green (Indicates GPIO HIGH) and then 'Set Properties' the buzzer makes a short 'beep/sound''but when I go to 'read tags' the buzzer does not work.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could assist in pointing me in the right direction to get the buzzer/speaker to trigger when a tag is read on the fx9600