Where can I get the latest Print Station app Android SDK.

I have been trying to modify Print station App, but the SDKs I got here is for Android SDK target version 12, which are too old. Is there any place where I can get the lastest SDKs.

I tried to to change SDK version in manifest file but it results in error"Attributes already defined, this is because of overlapping of libraries from different versions. !

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi George, the latest Link-OS

Hi George, the latest Link-OS Multiplatform SDK for Android is v2.14.5198.  The SDK is still minimum API12 and has been tested compatible up to API26.  The PrintStation app code is still packaged with the SDK.  This has been updated recently as well to be compatible with newer API versions. 

The newest version of the PrintStation app has also been released to the Google Play store.

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