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    Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) - Add Shortcut to "Bluetooth Settings" to Homescreen

    Sebastian Kurze

      Hi all together,


      in Enterprise Home Screen I want to add a shortcut to "Bluetooth settings" on the EHS "UserHomescreen" or to the Tools Menu.

      I already tried this in the enterpricehomscreen.xml but it doesn't work:



         <application label="Calculator" package="com.android.calculator2" activity=""/>

        <application label="Bluetooth" package="com.android.bluetooth" activity="com.android.settings.bluetooth.BluetoothSettings"/>



      I also tried this but nothing happend when I push the Label:

      <application label="Bluetooth" package="com.android.bluetooth" activity="com.android.bluetooth.opp.BluetoothOppLauncherActivity"/>


      Does somebody know how to call the Bluetooth Settings over EHS?


      Thanks a lot in advance


      Sebastian from Munich