ZebraDesigner variable lengths

I created a template with Zebra designer that has many variables.

The template overrides the maximum number of characters with the length of the sample data.

It would be nice if max characters took precedence, because that is more intuitive.

Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Betsy,Thanks,We can let

Hi Betsy,

Thanks,We can let the product team know about this desired behavior.

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Betsy Gamrat
Tangentially related to the

Tangentially related to the variable lengths ...

If you have a label defined that has trailing spaces in the sample data, the ZebraDesigner may get confused if you change the fonts and update the label printing configuration.

Or it may be on load that ZebraDesigner drops the trailing spaces.

The resulting variable configuration is a string of 30 characters (including a few trailing spaces) with a length of (actual length + number of trailing spaces) does not print properly.  It breaks the line before one would expect and overlays the content from the break point at the beginning of the line.

Since I have a work around (restore any trailing spaces such that the length of the sample data matches the max character limit for the variable) I am not going to report this as bug, and hence am only submitting informal and unverified steps to reproduce the problem.

  1. Create a label
  2. Include at least one variable that has trailing spaces and the max length includes the spaces.  For example:
    • "SOME SAMPLE DATA    " ("   " = 3 spaces), set the max length to 19.  19 is the number of characters in 'SOME SAMPLE DATA' plus three (spaces)
  3. Save the label
  4. Upload a new font to the printer
  5. Apply the font to one or more fields on the label
  6. Now change the font
  7. Export to printer, print test label
  8. Edit the variable, add the three spaces back in.
  9. Export to printer, print test label

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