EHS Kiosk: Enterprise Browser - StageNow Client - MyMobiler


I just begin working with a new Zebra MC33 Android Nougat. I'm using StageNow to configure this MC.

Using StageNow I already configured WIFI and install EB, EHS and Mymobiler.

The goal is to lauch EB on boot and lock it to avoid the user to exit this application. In the meawhile I would like to be able to scan any StageNow QRCode and connect to the scanner via Mymobiler.

I believe that Kiosk mode is the most suitable EHS Profile.

The first part is done already and the EB app starts on boot correctly.

Can you please suggest a way to do the other two things (be able to scan stagenow barcodes if required, run always MyMobiler in background).