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    FTP Error

    tullio agriesti

      I am trying to do a Nougat update for the Zebra TC56 device and when I begin the stage I get the following error:


      Query Error, Reason-FMC Couldn't connect to server = [IP Address we set the FTP up on] and port = 21 , check wifi connection.FMC downloadFTPFile Connection is not open.


      The TC56 is using Cellular, and the computer we set up the FTP server on is on a wifi hotspot, not the same one on the error message.


      What is the cause of this problem, and what solutions are there?



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          tullio agriesti

          In theory, the device should scan the barcode, connect to the FTP server, then start the download. Why is the device trying to connect to the computer instead?

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              David Degrassi

              Hi Tullio


              I believe the default Android behaviour is that if a WiFi connection does not have internet access then it will default to the Cellular network.  Since the built Hotspot feature does not provide internet access, Android will fallback to the cellular network.  Have you tried changing your profile to disable cellular data prior to the file download and enabling cellular data after the download but before the Power Manager that triggers the OS Update?