GDPR, what now?

Have you asked your customers about GDPR?

The 25th May has come and gone, so has the launch of GDPR, companies now have an extra compliance burden to worry about, failure to do so, can result in the ICO fining them millions of pounds.  Unlike other areas of compliance, GDPR applies to multiples individuals, teams, depts, contractors, suppliers and senior management across a business.  The ICO states that companies have to adopt an evidence based approach to managing their GDPR policies and procedures, this means having a high credence audit trail of stakeholders responsible for managing GDPR processes.

Tillr is a customisable compliance platform that hosts multiple bespoke compliance modules, Tillr solutions protect organisations from compliance risks, while reducing their operational overheads.  Tillr automates business processes, alerts, notifications, reminders and BI/MI analytical reporting.  Tillr is a device and browser agnostic compliance solution, so it can be used by staff in the office or in the field, keeping all parties coordinated and updated in real time.