ZQ520 takes > 5000 ms to close on iOS using Xamarin SDK

Using LinkOS_Xamarin_SDK 1.1.75 to connect to a ZQ520 printer via Bluetooth (MFi) from an iPhone 8 plus running iOS 11.2.6, the print occurs quickly, but the full turnaround time of the call was taking multiple seconds (just over 5000 ms on average).  After throwing in some console logs of the elapsed times, it turns out that the vast majority of the time is being taken on calling Close() on the connection. ZSDK_API: MfiBtPrinterConnection Class Reference indicates there is a default 5000 ms timeout, and in it is suggested that the developer override this setting, but that is using ZSDK_API developing natively against iOS (using Objective-C, it appeared).  I cannot find this setting exposed in the Xamarin SDK anywhere.  Can I override this?