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My organization is in the midst of a software transition and one of new features to come along with it is bar code scanning. The web app accepts the bar code input as text input followed by a return.

We are looking to deploy a mixture of wired handheld scanners attached to laptops, wireless scanners attached via bluetooth to laptops and a few MC40's.

The developer of the web app isn't being very responsive in regards to the Zebra MC40's. The conversation has been vague and I can't get them to agree based on the documentation that they will work with the web app. My position is that I have a requirement for this type of all-in-one device for our mobile teams.

My question is, can DataWedge be configured to pass the scanned data to the web browser as text and supply a return? My reading of the documentation seems to indicate that yes it can, but I'm looking for some backing from people more familiar with these systems. 

Also I have tested the barcode screen in my webapp by keying in codes by hand it hitting enter and it does work as expected.

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Hi, yes, using DataWedge's

Hi, yes, using DataWedge's keystroke output you can inject keys into an edit field of your web application as though you were typing on the keyboard.  For more information please see the help documentation at Keystroke Output - Zebra Technologies TechDocs .  You can use the Action Key character parameter (also documented at that page) to add a carriage return to the end of the scanned data.  This is one way however and no return code is supplied to DataWedge.

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