getEMDKManager fatal error


I followed the Getting Started guide to integrate the emdk library in my project. When I try to launch the app i get the following crash:

A/art: art/runtime/] Check failed: count_ == 0 (count_=-1, 0=0) Attempted to destroy barrier with non zero count

    art/runtime/] Runtime aborting --- recursively, so no thread-specific detail!


A/libc: Fatal signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6 in tid 8593 (

I have read this link: (that guy has the same issue)

But the answer cannot be used in my project. The answer is that to add the library to the project, we have to do it this way: EMDK for Android Programming Practices - Zebra Technologies Techdocs

But we are working as a team on this project, therefor I cannot put the path "/user/MyUserName/..." in the build.gradle

It would not compile on another computer

How can I use the library by adding it directly to the project, without referencing a path to my computer file system ?

Thanks for the help