TC25 camera permission seems to disable scanner

Hi, we recently began using TC25, and we need to develop an application which will use both camera and TC25 integrated scanner, (not at the same time but in the same application) to achieve this i'm using the EMDK for Android in particular Scanner, EMDKManager and BarcodeManager API,

The only issue that i'm having is that if i give general permission for our app to use camera then when i try to initialize scanner then it believes that scanner is already scanning (exception message:Already Scanning ), which i highly doubt since i'm not pressing the scanner and i cancel the read it still throws exception when i'm trying to allow scanner to accept next barcode.

If i put a workaround on that and after enabling i cancel the read, then no exception is thrown but the integrated scanner doesn't work, when

i remove the camera permission for app then scanner works again

If app does not have permission to open camera and take pictures then everything works as intended, no read is pending and scanner works.

It doesn't seem one bit logical that only permission is enough to disable scanner, ideas?