Simple Android browser scan capture

Hi, I have been asked to replace some legacy scanner capture into HTML / ASP web pages.

Please can someone point me at the correct resources / approach?

The legacy code used:

<meta http-equiv="scanner" content="DecodeEvent:url('Javascript: doScanDecode('%1', '%2', '%6');'); enabled;" />

<SCRIPT language="javascript">

            function doScanDecode(data, source, eventtype) {

                if(eventtype != 'Decode') { return; }

                data = data.replace(/%/g, "");

                data = data.replace("+", "");

                var dm = document.mainform ;

                dm.newbarcodenumber.value = data;

                document.mainform.submit() ;



The client has purchased some TC56 so I started down the road of this code:

<META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="enabled">

<META HTTP-Equiv="scanner" Content="DecodeEvent:url('javascript:doScan('%s', '%s', %s, '%s', %s);')">


function doScan( d, s, t, l ) {

     OkDialogue( 'Scan', 'Values:<br>d ' + d + '<br>s ' + s + '<br>t ' + t, MkAbort(), {} );



onload -> doSoftScan();

but out of the box I cannot get the TC56 to respond.

I have tried looking at Enterprise Browser, Data Wedge, Android Studio but I am now confused and think that it must be much simpler than that?

Please do you have a simple example for barcode capture to a web browser using javascript? What config is required?

Later I will need to capture signatures, but I'd like to get the basic scanning working first..

Thanks Mike