Locking myself in User mode in EHS forever


we came to a situation, where a user might lock himself in user mode in EHS forever and there is no way out of it apart from a factory reset using SD card.

How can a user do this?

EHS does have "Admin Max Attempts" parameter, which counts failed Admin mode login.

Our customer made a typo in the password, tried 10 times and then locked himself in the user mode of EHS on a particular device.

The official documentation says that the way out of this is to upload a new enterprisehomescreen.xml with the counter reset, but here comes the tricky part with the new devices.

Android 7.1 (maybe 6.0 as well) introduced a new default behaviour when connected via USB - by default, it is in "Charging mode only".

To change it to file transfer, you need to swipe down from the top and change the settings - but this is not allowed in the User mode of EHS.

So, if you have a newer device, default settings for "Admin Max Attempts" (which is 10), you might find yourself locked in the User mode forever until you do a factory reset via SD card.

Can we have an opinion from the EHS product team on this?

I was thinking about two possible solutions:

1) Allow changing the connection type from Charge to File transfer in User mode

2) Allow the "Admin Max Attempts" param to be setup for infinity (or to be turned off at all)