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    Firmware selected does not match the scanner

    Andrew Pengelly

      When attempting to update the firmware in a DS3678-ER scanner connected via a STB3678 cradle I keep getting the error message -


      Last activity on this scanner was unsuccessful.

      Error details: The firmware selected does not match the target scanner.


      123Scan reports the following current firmware and update.


      Existing:     Release 002 - 2017.01.24 (SAACKS00-003-R00)

      Update to:  Release 004 - 2018.05.17 (SAACK00-004-R02)


      All the release notes appear to confirm that this is the correct update for this model scanner so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on to resolve this stale mate.  Extra detail below.



      ModelFirmware CurrentFirmware Latest
      Release 002 – 2017.01.24 (SAACKS00-003-R00)Release 004 – 2018.5.(SAACKS00-004-R02)
      Release 002 – 2017.07.17 (SAACKS00-003-R00)Release 004 – 2018.5.(SAACKS00-004-R02)